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Don't just take our word for it.

I had been planning a trip to climb Ben Nevis with my friends for several months and I wanted to ensure I had the best equipment possible. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that after making my first purchase of one of their hiking jackets they had thrown in a free thermal insulated hat! Really pleased with the service I received. Will be using them again!


My Husband and I are not the most avid of online shoppers, however,  after coming across Sierra Now they are without a doubt our go to website when we are in need of new hiking clothes or equipment. Impressed with the quality of their products and would recommend them to anyone looking to avoid the overpriced high street retailers. 


I feel like Sierra Now is more than just an online retailer - they regularly upload interesting and valuable content and have created a real sense of community. This is exactly the type of company that I have been looking for and look forward to the many adventures lined up ahead!